Small Business Computer maintenance contracts.

These are general prices for our computer maintenance contracts. Computer maintenance Contracts may cost more or less depending on circumstances. PC maintenance contracts cover a range of general network and computer problems listed below the prices of the PC Maintenance Contracts List .

Website Design

My goal is to create websites for my clients that deliver results. I do this by focusing on the individual needs of each of my clients.

Computer Diagnosis

General Troubleshooting, diagnosis, configurations, Antivirus, Internet connectivity problem, network and printer settings.

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Computer repair options

  • Data Backup

    We copy the files you want to a cd or dvd. You must put all your files in a folder that you want us to backup. Total price is $70 if we save the data to you own CDs DVDs or storage device.
  • Internet Package

    Connect your computer to the internet through your router or fix you internet connection problem or help setup a new internet connection through a new Internet Service Provider.
  • Data Recovery

    Did your computer crash, and you need to get the files on your hard disk? We can get your files off of a crashed hard drive in many cases. You must provide a storage medium such as an external hard disk to copy the recovered files to.
  • Software Package

    This is an upgrade for the windows package. Add this upgrade if you want us to install software besides Windows. Included with this package, we install anti virus , Windows updates and service packs, Also Microsoft Compatible word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics and databases software or software you provide if requested.
  • Hardware Package

    Install and connect your hardware to your computer. Up to two hardware items may be included with this option. For example you may want us to connect your printer and a digital camera.
  • Windows Package

    We will format your hard disk and reinstall Windows only on your PC. You have to install other software and updates by your self. This does not include data backup. You must backup your data BEFORE we format the computer . You must provide your own operating system files. If you do not have them, we can help with factory priced software.

Web Design Examples

Small website design, up to 5 pages from $500 + hosting and domain name if you do not already have them. Websites differ allot so, it is necessary to contact me to give you a better quote.

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